What is a virtual clinic?

EMS Worldwide offers patients to use the services of a unique "Virtual Clinic” counseling center. 

A "Virtual Clinic” makes it possible for patients to consult a highly professional Israeli specialist in a short time, online and at a significantly lower cost. 


The "Virtual Clinic” offers scheduled consultations of expert family doctors and specialists; there are also special offices: diabetes, dermatological and obesity treatment.
A single consultation on a certain problem may be complimented with subsequent medical monitoring. It is also possible to coordinate the treatment with medical experts colleagues, to treat and observe the patient at their place of residence.

How does the EMS virtual clinic work?

Would you like to consult an Israeli doctor or get a “second opinion”?

Simply make an online appointment with a family doctor for A FREE OF CHARGE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to get acquainted with the patient, their medical history and examination results, to determine the possibility of consulting on their specific case in virtual mode and to select a required specialist who will continue with the process.
The consultation lasts for 20 minutes.

After the initial consultation and confirmation of the possibility of your treatment in virtual mode, you will be sent a patient questionnaire to fill out. You will be asked to send the necessary medical documents for the consultation, test results, etc. so that the consulting doctor would be able to familiarize themselves with your medical history and prepare for the consultation.

You will also be asked to sign a provision for a virtual consultation and submit payment.
A single consultation or more permanent monitoring at a special clinic – the choice is yours.

After payment is made, a company representative will schedule a virtual appointment with a specialist at your preferred time.


Medical information transmitted through communication channels and stored in the electronic archives of EMS WorldWide Ltd is highly protected and strictly confidential.

EMS virtual clinic – fast, convenient and efficient


Register for a consultation, free of charge


Consultation: getting to know you, going over your medical history, choosing a specialist


Fill out a patient questionnaire and sending the documents


Submit payment for the consultation


Complete your registration for a specialized professional consultation