If a patient has a number of chronic diseases, a single one-time consultation may often be effective only for a limited period of time. There are usually several concomitant diseases in chronic patients and they also have combined drug treatments.

Therefore, these patients’ treatment should consider the following:

  • the dynamics of the disease development

  • the emergence of new factors influencing the disease           

  • the drug interactions between frequently changed medications

  • the need to assess the recommended treatment efficacy over time.


In this regard, the "Exclusive Medical Service" offers chronic patients dynamic monitoring and treatment on a subscription basis, as part of the EMS "Virtual Clinic".


There has been a positive long-term experience with thematic offices in Israel. The efficacy of monitoring chronic patients can be most clearly illustrated by the example of a diabetological office for patients with diabetes mellitus.


Other monitoring offices are organized in the same way: gastroenterological and hepatological offices, endocrinology offices for hypertension correction, offices for osteoporosis treatment, dermatological offices, psychotherapeutic care offices, and more.


Subscription treatment costs the patient significantly less than individual consultations, and the efficiency of such treatment is much higher.   

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