Overweight problem

The problem of excessive weight and obesity, this modern epidemic, has many aspects that are not possible to briefly review.


However, the importance of bringing the body weight to a normal level is clear and understandable not only from an aesthetic point of view. First and foremost it is necessary in order to prevent modern diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks, strokes), diseases of the musculoskeletal system (joints and spine), fatty degeneration of liver (cirrhosis of fatty liver), syndrome of respiratory arrest in sleep (the so-called Pickwickian syndrome and permanent fatigue, drowsiness, headaches, hypertension related to it), diseases associated with metabolic disorders (type 2 diabetes mellitus, gout, etc.), infertility, and many other diseases.

Therefore, there are countless diets, weight loss systems, methods and tips. A huge number of specialists, teachers, mentors, methodologists and group leaders urge you to use their theories, experience, and knowledge for weight loss. There are many professionals among them but there are also a lot of self-proclaimed doctors – some of who sincerely believe in the methods they propose, and some who are guided primarily by other intentions.


Various kinds of bariatric surgeries are very popular these days. They indeed help to lose weight but require a precise implementation of a number of difficult conditions and restrictions for a lifetime and may in some cases cause serious complications.


However, modern medical science can offer a number of effective medications that help to achieve the required weight loss by affecting the metabolism and reducing hunger. This is the so-called medication weight loss. Such a treatment should be integrated with proper nutrition, regular physical activity, and psychological support.


This weight treatment should be conducted under the supervision of a group of specialists: a metabolism specialist, a clinical dietitian, a nurse specializing in the metabolism, and a number of other related specialists.

As part of the "Virtual Clinic" project, we offer treatment for excessive weight and obesity based on the most current methods of medicated weight loss using the newest medications on the market, with the guidance of highly professional Israeli specialists. This treatment method is recommended not as a single consultation, but on a frequent basis while being monitored by a group of specialists in the field.


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