EMS-Worldwide Ltd. – International Company for exclusive health services – was founded in 2008 by Doctor Michael Alon, MD. PhD. The company office is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Dr. M. Alon has over forty years experience in various fields of medicine, and currently works at his daily medical practice in two leading medical departments of the country, in addition to private clinics.

The company consultants, those who work with the company permanently as well as those who are invited on a case by case basis, are the highest level professionals who are able to solve the most complex medical problems.

The company works with the best medical institutions in Israel and is connected with medical centers in other countries.

Our meticulous and scrupulous selection of examination and treatment methods offered to the patients is one of the fundamental principles for maintaining the highest level of prestige, which is especially important for treatment abroad. Our thorough planning makes it possible to choose the right direction and avoid considerable costs of unnecessary tests and expenses for a longer stay abroad.


The professionalism of the EMS Worldwide physicians, as well as the use of online technologies enable optimal planning of required treatment and make it possible to perform procedures quickly and efficiently, and – last but not least – to minimize the patient's expenses!


EMS Worldwide is not bound by any obligations to any medical center, and therefore it seeks advice from the leading specialists in the country without any restrictions.


Patients who have received treatment from the EMS Worldwide are offered follow-up and monitoring; if necessary, the company provides the opportunity to turn to the same consultants and surgeons who carried out the treatment. This gives the EMS Worldwide patients an opportunity to stay under the supervision of qualified Israeli doctors and, in many cases, save significant funds and time, and of course, have an accurate track of their health.



Professional medical support for patients in Israel, planning of diagnostics procedures, choosing a medical institution


Patient Counseling
for expert opinion -
second opinion


Online "Virtual Clinic” consultations for patients who do not currently have the ability to arrive to Israel for treatment.


Monitoring of patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.)


Coordination of wellness check-up within several hours, organization of wide examination for tourists and guests of Israel


Exclusive medical services, organization of a comfortable stay in Israel