What is a diabetological office?

Diabetes mellitus is a systemic disease, and its treatment firstly requires dramatic lifestyle changes and the right adaptive drug regimen.

So what is the right lifestyle? A carefully balanced diet, physical activity, and a healthy dose of blood sugar regulation will help to not only avoid unwanted complications, but also to improve and prolong your quality of life.


That is why these problems cannot be solved by singular consultations of an endocrinologist, even a very good one. A systemic approach is absolutely necessary in this case. It has been shown by Israeli medicine that a patient suffering from diabetes mellitus needs constant support and permanent monitoring.


This job is carried out by a multidisciplinary team of medical experts of the diabetology office: an endocrinologist, a nurse, and a dietitian doctor. 

How does the office work?

The endocrinologist is the main party that determines the optimal choice of medications for treatment. Regular appointments with your doctor help to adjust the selected course of treatment in accordance with your actual condition at a certain period of time. 

The nurse is the endocrinologist’s right hand; she’s the one to oversee the compliance with doctor’s orders, and also provides the necessary feedback, allowing the doctor to be constantly informed. A diabetes specialist nurse has the right to regulate the dosage of medicines received by diabetes mellitus patients, including insulin.

On top of initial recommendations, the dietitian carries out further follow up and adjustments, and may also answer additional questions. If necessary, per the doctor’s recommendation, the team of the diabetic office may include a psychologist and a physiotherapist, as they respectively provide the necessary psychological support and work out recommendations for the patient.

EMS offers its diabetic services to patients, regardless of their country of residence. Highly professional Israeli specialists will help you control your disease. 

We offer a number of subscriptions to the current method of virtual observation of patients with diabetes mellitus; the method has been proven successful and has been used for the past several years. Using the support of such offices, it was possible to achieve stabilization of blood glucose levels and normalization of glycosylated hemoglobin (HBA1C) levels - the main balance indicator of blood glucose.


Diabetological office
1 hr

During the initial free virtual consultation with an EMS physician, the doctor will ask questions to clarify the nature, severity and duration of your health problems, obtain the previous examination results (tests, doctor’s opinions, discs, imaging results, etc.) and fill out the questionnaire. Following, the patient will be offered to select from one of the options for virtual monitoring. After the application is confirmed and the payment for it has gone through, the doctor will prepare a resume for a specialist in diabetes treatment.


An appointment is made for the patient for an hour-long virtual consultation with an endocrinologist to determine the optimal method and medications for treatment. After the endocrinologist consultation, appointments with a dietitian and a nurse are made for the patient.

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