For many years now, Israel has been considered a country with one of the highest healthcare standards in the world.

Israel has over forty large multidisciplinary medical centers, and each one of them can provide patients with high-quality medical care. We have established cooperation with many of these centers.


Our company’s experience and capabilities allow us to make the best choice of the right specialists and medical institutions for our patients. This helps our patients get the best examination and treatment, minimizes the chances of erroneous referrals, avoids discrepancies and unnecessary tests, all while using their time and money rationally.

EMS-Worldwide provides examination and treatment of patients in the most upscale clinics of the country by the leading professionals in the relevant fields of medicine – world renowned doctors. Our consultants’ in-depth knowledge and experience allows us to solve the most complex diagnostic problems – the "difficult diagnosis", and to choose the optimal ways of treatment.

We also recommend that you turn to our consultants in doubtful and controversial cases to get a “second opinion” and make better informed important decisions.


Patients are accompanied by EMS Worldwide staff at all stages of examination and treatment; the staff includes experienced doctors who can present the consultants the medical history and results of the clinical examination in a professional way, to understand and record all details of the received recommendations, and, of course, explain them to the patient in a clear way.



Application to EMS-Worldwide


It is recommended to state the essence of the problem in the patient’s initial message, enclose the results of any medical examinations (laboratory, imaging, histological tests, etc.) as well as medical reports. These materials will be forwarded to the relevant consultants to help prepare for decisions on the further medical treatments.


If the decision is made that the patient should be treated in Israel, an individual plan of medical arrangements in the optimal time frame will be made for them, specialists and specialized medical centers will be selected, and a preliminary cost calculation will be made (it may of course change later and the cost will turn out to be higher or lower depending on results of medical examination and treatment). Payment will be made before the treatment begins. 


At the preliminary stage, the patient may be offered a video conference consultation with the patient and the doctor representing them along with our consultants.

In case of invitation for treatment EMS-Worldwide can provide:

  • visa assistance

  • airport pick-up services (including VIP program)

  • hotel booking

  • transport services

  • professional medical escort to consultations and medical diagnostic procedures

  • patient hospitalization in a specialized clinic by prior agreement or in case of necessity

  • comprehensive assistance for patients and people accompanying them in resolving organizational and everyday issues related to their stay in Israel, and using leisure hours to get acquainted with sights and cultural values, organizing individual tours and excursions.

Upon completion of the stay and treatment in our country each patient receives a folder with the results of their examination and treatment – letters from consultants, extracts from the hospital discharge documents, summaries of clinical lab results, radiological, computer, isotopic, instrumental and other examinations with their translation in English or another language.


The patient will also be provided with a plan for further follow up. 


At the patient’s request, they can receive a prescription for medications for a certain period of time.