In medical practice we frequently come across cases associated with the difficulty of providing an accurate diagnosis (the so-called "difficult diagnosis") or divergence in choosing the right treatment tactics.


These situations can be resolved by turning to a highly professional specialist, renowned in the required field of medicine for advice. In other words, to ask for a “second opinion” – a widely used practice in Western medicine.


The "Exclusive Medical Service" company is ready to provide our patients with the services of the best Israeli specialists. We offer these consultations virtually so the trip abroad is not necessary for a patient, and this can significantly expand the possibility of obtaining a “second opinion” by patients who do not have sufficient strength or cannot afford traveling abroad.


In order to increase the consultation’s effectiveness, thorough preparation is necessary, which includes not only coming to know the patient’s medical materials, but also carrying out additional diagnostic examinations if necessary. This course of action makes it possible to choose the optimal treatment in time and in many cases to save the patient's life.

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